Going Against The Grain:

By |January 24th, 2018|Categories: BOLD_Blog|

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway." --Eleanor Roosevelt   So you finally got the promotion, congratulations!  You have put in the time, invested financially into your [...]

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Are You Still Learning?

By |March 5th, 2016|Categories: BOLD_Blog|

I had the privilege of listening to Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, a world renowned pediatrician, as he shared nuggets of wisdom on creating learning environments for youth from birth to adolescence. I sat in awe [...]

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Stay The Course

By |February 23rd, 2016|Categories: BOLD_Blog|

“I haven’t failed.  I’ve identified 10,000 ways this doesn’t work.” ~  Thomas Edison A little boy who did not speak until he was four years old or read until he was seven, a high school [...]

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Bold Intentions And Setting Boundaries

By |February 16th, 2014|Categories: BOLD_Blog|

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed?  Are you overcommitted?  Have you experienced feeling resentful about how you are spending your time?  These  may be signs that you are not living intentionally and setting healthy boundaries [...]

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