blog photoDo you find yourself feeling overwhelmed?  Are you overcommitted?  Have you experienced feeling resentful about how you are spending your time?  These  may be signs that you are not living intentionally and setting healthy boundaries in both your personal and professional life.

Intentional is to be on purpose.  How often are you being purposeful in moving towards your goals; taking care of yourself and setting boundaries regarding your time and talents.  This can be a daunting challenge to be assertive in saying no, especially to opportunities to network and collaborate.

Take the challenge and speak up!  Be bold and intentional in achieving the goals that you are setting yourself; it is not selfish to protect your time and talents.  Yes, it is true when you help others achieve their goals you too achieve; however, everything must have a balance.  Set your boundary and get on course with the goals you have set; it’s okay to say no.  Bold professionals know when to be intentionally focused and set boundaries.