“I haven’t failed.  I’ve identified 10,000 ways this doesn’t work.” ~  Thomas Edison

A little boy who did not speak until he was four years old or read until he was seven, a high school basketball player who was cut from the team, an artist that sold only one painting to a friend and yet completed eight hundred pieces of art; and a senior citizen who was angry that his social security check was only $105.00 set out to become an entrepreneur at sixty-five.  What do these individuals have in common?  They possess the emotional competency of optimism, the ability to pursue goals despite obstacles and setbacks.

What have you encountered in the past year?  Perhaps a layoff, a failed relationship, a rejected manuscript or foreclosure.   Well, this year is not over and if you are reading this you are still among the living and that means you can still back on track

stay the course graphicThe first step to getting back on track is recognizing that the steps you have taken are not taking you to the desired destination.  Persistence is key, however, steadily moving forward in a direction that is not yielding the desired results is insanity.  Be willing to be flexible and adapt to the current circumstances.  Secondly, take stock of your strengths and weaknesses.  Perhaps you are excellent at handling the technical side of your business, but are struggling with the day to day running of the business.  Now might be the time to delegate or hire a virtual assistant or bring on an intern to free you to pursue what comes naturally to you.  And finally, recognize that you are not perfect.  You are human and part of the human experience is experiencing setbacks, failures and disappointments that can derail you.  Persistence and optimism will get you back on track.

Now get yourself back on track and walk in your purpose just like Albert Einstein, who was thought to be mentally disabled and went on to be awarded the Noble Prize;  Michael Jordan, who was let go from his high school basketball team and went on to become a basketball legend;  Vincent Van Gogh, one of the greatest artists in history who only sold one piece of art during his lifetime yet completed over 800 pieces of art because he believed in his craft; and  Colonel Sanders of KFC, who was turned down 1009 times when seeking financing for his company.  The world is waiting on you!