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Keynote 60-90 Minutes | Training Half/Full Day | Break-Out Session 45 – 90 minutes

BOLD Leadership

The average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day and over fifty percent of those are negative. These thought patterns are triggered by our emotional state. Your ability to manage your emotions has a direct impact on both your personal and professional life. This program provides an overview of emotional intelligence and strategies to live a life of BOLDness increasing ability to identify your emotions and the emotions of others. This leads to greater accountability, retaining talent and professional development in the workplace.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Define emotional intelligence
  • Discuss the four domains of emotional intelligence
  • Discuss strategies to develop your emotional intelligence
  • Develop a personal/professional development plan implementing emotional intelligence



Serenity Now: BOLD Strategies to Overcome Overwhelm

Change is increasingly becoming the norm in our world, community, workplace and personal lives; change whether we desire it or not. The change is consistently vying for the attention of individuals in their personal and work lives through social media, controversial legislation, policy and procedures; and personal challenges on the home front. The manifestation in the workplace is disengagement, conflict, absenteeism, low productivity and overall low morale. This keynote/workshop provides organizations and individuals strategies to move from a place of burnout to bold through by identifying what is “burnout” and most importantly how to prevent and address the issue so you can move forward to meet the company’s mission; while tapping into individual strengths.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Define burnout and identify the sign and symptoms.
  • Define emotional intelligence.
  • Discuss stress management strategies to regain “mindfulness” and increase productivity.
  • Identify sources of overwhelm in daily work life and how to manage them.



Beyond Diversity

Our world is increasingly becoming more and more diverse. For the first time in history there are four generations occupying the office spaces in the workplace, individuals from around the world have instant access to those who are thousands miles across the globe with the click of an application on a Smartphone and the nuclear family as we know has evolved. What does this mean for business and organizations? It is a challenge to harness all the great talent by doing business as usual; the successful business or organization will go beyond diversity 101 to attract, retain and grow their workforce or association to ensure the farthest reach of their mission; and also meet the needs of clients in the social services sector. This program provides a forum to start the dialogue of change and accountability in the workplace.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Define cultural competence.
  • Discuss the five steps to prepare for a culturally competent organization.
  • Gain insight into the levels of diversity to develop best practices for your setting.
  • Identify personal biases.
  • Develop a personal/workplace plan for cultural competence.