Campus Save Act Program


Unblurred Lines:  Strategies To Prevent Sexual & Dating Violence

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Thecia Jenkins, a sought out speaker on sexual and domestic violence, has developed curricula sexual violence primary prevention curricula approved by the Office of the Attorney General in Texas, trained law enforcement personnel, healthcare providers, educators, social workers and clergy on sexual and domestic violence issues for over fifteen years on a national basis.

During this interactive presentation, participants are introduced  to sexual violence primary prevention and strategies to develop an on-campus culture that encourages effective bystander participation.  After this presentation participants will be able to:

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  • Define primary prevention
  • Define emotional intelligence
  • Discuss the four levels of primary prevention
  • Discuss the impact of gender socialization on creating a “rape/gender-based” violence culture
  • Discuss strategies to prevent gender-based violence using the emotional intelligence model

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45-90 minute Keynote
Half/Full Day Seminar

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