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Become Self-Aware

Did you know that you are the CEO of your life? Yes, and as the CEO you and only you know who and what you bring to the negotiation table called life. I help individuals create a SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) so they can gain insight into what motivates them, get unstuck, set goals and most importantly move toward living a BOLD life!

Own Your Actions

How many times do you find yourself looking at the external factors in your life as the cause for your current circumstances? Yes, external influences play a role in our lives; however, ultimately it is our response to the external that determines our outcome. Know what triggers you, know your values, and know your thought patterns and you are moving toward the BOLD life.

Lean In and Listen

Communication is often thought of as talking. Yes, talking is an important component, however, listening is the key to REAL communication. The ability to listen is sometimes hindered by the internal noise occurring in your head such as past hurts, biases and perception. Training the mind to do noise reduction through understanding personality styles, cultural differences and managing emotions is key to the BOLD life.

Develop and Nurture Relationships

Knowledge is the door and relationships are the key! The final step in walking into the BOLD life is learning to leverage relationships, building networks and surrounding yourself with individuals that hold you accountable and that you too can encourage and build up. Who are you surrounding yourself with; it is said that the five people you hang with the most are who you will eventually become.

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